Water Leak Repair/Detection

Flood damage can arise from a range of causes. Sometimes, it stems from a natural cause like rainfall or tornado. Other times, it could result from as little as leaks from a faulty faucet.

Whatever the cause of damage, early detection is crucial.

How to detect a water leak

There are several ways to detect a water leak in your plumbing system. One of them is checking for dripping from your faucets and pool of water in your basement.

You can also detect water leaks by observing your utility bill. If you are getting a higher water utility bill than expected, then you might want to check your property for water leaks. Water leakage is likely in many parts of the property, e.g., sprinkler systems, faucets, and toilets.

The toilet is one of the most common areas where a leak gets found in the home. If you suspect your toilet is leaking, you can do a basic test by adding a drop or two of color to the tank and waiting for five minutes. If the colored water gets noticed in the toilet bowl after this time, it probably indicates a leakage problem. Another sign of a leaking toilet is the sound of continuously flowing water.

Finding a leak is often a rather complicated process when it is not available in the most prominent areas. So if you are unable to locate a leak, you must call the authorized installer’s services to perform routine checks and effect repairs if they are needed.

The technician will have the tools to do a thorough check and help you prevent a sudden breakdown that could disturb your home’s peace or the smooth running of your business.

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